#1 K-12 Learning Management System

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcBringing together millions of students, parents, faculty and administrators at 2,000 K-12 school districts across the country.

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Focused on K-12 schools just like yours

Elementary students don't learn the same way as college students or adults. Schoology enables all students—from kindergarten to 12th grade—to be fully engaged in their learning.

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Designed for district-wide success

Districts are more than classrooms. Schoology supports your entire district—classrooms, clubs, sports, and more—with groups, resources, insights, and opportunities for collaboration.

Bring your whole community together

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcLearning is not just about teachers and students. Schoology helps you bring everyone together—students, teachers, coaches, parents, administrators—under one communication and collaboration platform.

Schoology LMS works with all of your systems & tools

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    From rostering classes automatically, to grade-passback so teachers don't have to manually update grades, Schoology integrates seamlessly with your student information systems.

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    Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcWe know that teachers love to use Google and Microsoft documents as assignments and in lessons. That's why we created an amazing experience within Schoology for those documents.

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    Whether you are building your own content or using one of Schoology’s 300+ apps, Schoology makes it easy to get the content you need into your LMS courses.


Achieve your vision of personalized learning

Schoology gives educators the tools to personalize learning for every learner. Our LMS gives you data and insight into each student's needs, and the flexibility to achieve YOUR vision of personalized learning.

personalized learning in education

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcDon’t just track student progress with traditional numeric grades, track it with proficiency, which is extremely helpful for younger students

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcAssess student knowledge, not just their memory, with interactive questions that keep up with teachers’ imaginations

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcProvide flexibility for teachers to personalize content and pace learning based on the proficiency and interests of each learner

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcBuild out the order of content and then allow students to learn at the pace that will make them most successful

Allow teachers to create activities while offering students a choice on how they learn, and still appear in the gradebook as a single graded assignment

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcHave the data—both at course and school level—to know what is working and what is not

Collaboration, Communication & Community

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcSchoology puts collaboration at the center of the learning experience. It's a practical necessity in the K-12 arena, but it goes deeper than that. The collaborative spirit and the positive outcomes it yields are essential to effective teaching and learning.

Collaboration in K-12 Education

Not everything belongs in a course—sports, clubs, parents, PLCs—which is why we built a collaborative place to store resources and have discussions

Not just for students, discussions are used by everyone to foster ideas and bring your entire district together

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcHelp parents stay involved by offering them weekly digests, instant access to grades, and a view into their child's learning experience

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcSchoology's Public Groups are massive forums of teachers ready to answer questions, share ideas, offer friendly advice, and learn from each other

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcLeverage collaboration features to organize teachers into working groups for easier communication, sharing of resources, and so much more

With customizable permissions and easy-to-use sharing features, Schoology resources create a safe space to share content and curriculum


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