Why Presenting at NEXT 2017 is Your Ticket to Rapid Professional Growth

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Dylan Rodgers

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Why Presenting at NEXT 2017 is Your Ticket to Rapid Professional Growth

Posted in Schoology | March 15, 2017


You should apply to speak at Schoology NEXT 2017, our annual user conference. Yeah I’m talking to you.


Ask anyone who’s been to NEXT before (I’ve been to a few), and they’ll tell you that there is so much you get from the conference professionally—innovative strategies, personal connections with some of our Community’s best and brightest, hands-on workshops with Schoology’s PD Team. The list goes on.

But I’m here to argue that you’ll get more from presenting at NEXT than you will from just attending. The fact is—you have awesome ideas to share that can have ripple effects throughout people’s lives.

Just think if Frank Herbert had never written Dune, the most influential scifi book of all time. And what if Gordon Ramsay had never taught me that I’ve been cooking eggs all wrong? (Look it up. It could change your life.)

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcThe point is, you have the power to transform the lives and practices of others by sharing your your ideas, strategies, and stories. But while that is the noblest aspect of presenting, there’s so much more you’ll get from it too.

5 Benefits Only Presenters can Fully Understand

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcPresenting at NEXT, or any conference for that matter, is not just an event; it’s a journey. For example, I had the honor of leading a few small workshops during our conference last year in Miami.

This was my first ever public presentation and I can't wait to do another.

Even though it was just a small lunchtime workshop with a handful of participants in each session, it was an exhilarating, scary, and enlightening experience. My subject matter, why educators need to blog and how to build a great post, is something I work on every day. But presenting on it helped solidify my ideas and gave me many new ones as well.

Here are the benefits I received from presenting at NEXT and the reasons why you should present too:

#1 Sustained Reflection and Deliberate Deconstruction of Core Ideas

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcI write, edit, and read all day. Every day. So when I decided to teach a workshop on blogging and the elements of good storytelling, I thought I had a lot of it worked out. But as I designed my presentation (and even now months later) I had to really understand why I think what I think and do what I do. That has made me a better writer, editor, and presenter.

#2 Having a Conversation About My Passions

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcBecause I was leading the conversation, it was all about something I care about. It gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts and inspire others to think differently of how they might be able to create content that solves their own challenges. At the very least, I was able to influence them with ideas that’ll cause incremental positive change in their lives.

#3 Meeting Others Who Share My Passions

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcPresenting enabled me to connect with awesome educators who I have continued to keep in touch with and who continue to impact my life (I know it’s been a while guys, but we’ll talk soon). Also, seeing the interest and making the connections I did has inspired me to take this a step further and turn the workshop into more of an ongoing project for aspiring content creators.

#4 Workshopping Ideas and Discovering New Ones

Presentations don’t have to be a one-way conversation. While I was rambling on about best practices for communicating ideas to a particular audience, my audience asked and shared perspectives that helped me better understand my own practices. It also was a great opportunity to see the world of content through different eyes.

#5 A Free NEXT 2017 Ticket

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcDid I mention that if you are chosen as a presenter, you get a free ticket to NEXT? It’s true. That includes all sessions, breakfast, lunch, swag, and more. (If you’re going to the conference either way, don’t wait to . We’ll reimburse you if your presentation is chosen.)

Helpful Tips for When You Apply to Speak

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcIn 2017, NEXT largely consists of sessions in two formats and four speaking tracks. It’ll help you to as you draft your presentation submission. And, after reviewing hundreds of session proposals over the years we have a few insider tips to keep in mind:

  • You can apply for multiple sessions, and also apply the same session in multiple formats. If your session topic is able to be modified for a workshop and a roundtable, apply for both so our committee knows you're flexible to present in a variety of ways.

    Note: It helps to draft your proposal in a separate doc for easy reference.

  • Write your title first and then block out your presentation. Then go back and rewrite your title if it needs some oomf. This’ll make it easier to write a catchy, descriptive title that will be noticed by the session review committee and conference attendees.
  • Draft a proposal that is applicable to a wide variety of attendees. Be sure to . Alternatively, draft a proposal that is applicable to a very targeted role or a "€“deep dive"€ into a specific topic and submit both. Either way, if you’re thinking about your audience and the benefits they’ll get from learning what you have to share, the better your proposal and presentation will be.
  • In any session proposal, be clear about the objectives that attendees can expect to learn from your session and how these can be achieved through Schoology. Knowledge gained at NEXT should transcend the conference experience to enrich attendees long after the conference ends.
  • Lastly, do some recon. Check out examples of some of our .

Apply to Speak by April 3

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcAs mentioned before, there’s not much time to submit your proposal so . You’ll thank yourself later.

And while all presenters will get a free ticket, don’t wait to . And if your presentation is chosen, we’ll reimburse you for your ticket in full.

Questions? Email our team at . See you in July!


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