A Practical Guide to Blended Learning | Dr. Will Interviews Catlin Tucker

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A Practical Guide to Blended Learning | Dr. Will Interviews Catlin Tucker

Posted in Pro Tips | June 02, 2017

Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcYou hear a lot about blended learning—the best practices, the successes, the lessons learned. But do you know how to put it all together into a cohesive institution-wide strategy?

Those of you on the frontline understand there are many variables that determine whether or not your blended learning strategy will be successful. And to string all those variables together in a coherent way so everyone understands their goals and what's expected of them requires a systematic, day-by-day effort by instructors, administrators, and other stakeholders.

In fact, even figuring out how to start the shift towards blended learning isn't as straightforward as it may seem. But maybe a deep conversation between two blended learning pros can help.

Blended Learning in Action with Catlin Tucker and Dr. Will Deyamport


In a previous episode of The Dr. Will Show, Dr. Will interviewed Tiffany WycoffXổ số TP Vinh tuần trước the K-8 Head of School at The Mandell School and co-author of . That hour-long interview is a great discussion on what it really means to shift to a blended model.

Dr. Will is back to shed more light on these concepts and get deeper into the weeds with Catlin Tucker, a teacher, international trainer, and also co-author of Blended Learning in Action: A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable ChangeXổ số TP Vinh tuần trước. In this discussion, she and Dr. Will address numerous topics including:

  • What's at stake for administrators and teachers shifting towards blended learning 
  • Why professional development is critical for bringing lofty ideas down to earth and helping teachers find success from day one.
  • How digital curricula can help or hurt teaching processes
  • Why teachers should be included in evaluating and choosing digital tools
  • How to determine which blended model (e.g., the station rotation and whole group) is right for your student

About Dr. Will Deyamport


Xổ số TP Vinh tuần trướcDr. Will Deyamport, III is a globally recognized Connected Educator and Connected Ed Consultant. Motivated by his passions for education and digital media, he has been able to leverage the use of social technologies in the classroom to enhance the learning experiences of people worldwide. In 2009, he founded IAmDrWill.com as a resource for the global online educational community. Dr. Deyamport has also created The Dr. Will Show which is a podcast dedicated to informational dialogue and discussions with educators about a myriad of topics related to education.

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